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Blow Bubbles for Autism

💙💚💛Upper Township Autism Awareness Day is April 3rd!!!!!🧩🧩🧩🧩

Blow Bubbles 4 Autism is a day to spread bubbles of hope, awareness and acceptance for those who have autism. Bubbles are symbols of joy, hope and laughter. They bring people together. When we Blow Bubbles for Autism together, we create a new awareness of families facing autism. The idea behind the bubble-blowing concept is to burst those bubbles and bring acceptance and awareness to the disorder through education.

The Upper Township School District has joined together for over a decade in support of Autism Awareness month. Throughout the years, we have partnered with our local family support organization, FACES. FACES 4 Autism supports children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum and those who love them. FACES provides autism education and resources to families and educators in the South Jersey area. They are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals on the spectrum through social opportunities and programs that will foster self advocacy, independence and dignity.

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