School Funding

School Funding:

The recent cuts in State Aid have put our school district in a position where it will be necessary to cut programs, services and, yes, staff.  We have a short window of opportunity to let our elected officials know our concerns.  I am providing some sample talking points and a sample letter that you are more than welcome to use.  Upper Township  has a great school system and our children deserve it.  We cannot sit silently while it is being gutted by Trenton.  Please use the information and make your voice heard.  I will continue to work with all staff, the board and the administration to do everything we can to make ends meet while focusing on providing the best possible education for our students.

Preschool: Upper Township is not eligible for preschool funding because the percentage of families who qualify for free and reduced lunch falls below a ten percent threshold (.0975). This number is calculated according to 18A:7F.45 which specifies that the calculation includes those students who leave us after eighth grade.  If it did not, our percentage K-8 (.1099) would qualify us for funding.  The resolution asks for relief.  Without relief, we will not be able to maintain preschool, especially given recent additional cuts.

Letter to Governor Murphy with Resolution: (Learn More)
Sample Letters:
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Talking Points: Can be used in your own letters.