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  • Third Grade Supply List 2022-2023


    These are the basic supplies that all third graders will use.  We look forward to meeting you in the Fall!  



    The Third Grade Teachers


    • 4 dozen sharpened #2 pencils   (no mechanical pencils)


    • Age appropriate scissors   (pointed but not adult size)


    • 1- 4 pack of thin dry erase markers 


    • 2 packs of 24 count crayons

    • 4 glue sticks


    • 1 pack of thin markers 


    • 1 small pack of colored pencils

    • 2 durable plastic folders (if possible: 1 red, 1 green)


    • 1 soft pencil case


    • 3 marble composition notebooks (any color or design)

    • 4 pads of 3x3 post-it notes

    • 2 different color thin highlighters

    • 2 red correction pens


    • eraser caps


    • headphones (optional)



    4th Grade General Supply List 2022-2023

    *2-4 packs EXPO dry erase markers

    *2 marble composition books

    *4 pack of glue sticks

    *1 pair sharp scissors

    *1 box 16 or 24 count Crayola Crayons

    *1 box 8 count THIN Crayola washable markers

    *1 box of Colored pencils

    *3 dozen pre-sharpened pencils

    *1 pack of 3 x 3  post-its

    *2 Thin Black Sharpies

    *1 pack Eraser caps

    *1 box tissues

    *2 plastic folders with pockets

    *Ear Buds


    5th Grade Student Supply List



    3 STURDY, two-pocket folder

    2 composition books (NOT SPIRAL)

    2 (1 subject) notebook

    2 dozen #2 sharpened pencils

    2 dozen eraser caps

    2 different colored pens for editing and correcting

    2 different color highlighters

    1 pack of colored pencils

    1 box of 24 crayons or less

    1 (8-10 pack) of ODORLESS Expo dry-erase markers

    3 pack of 3X3 inch post it notes

    1 pack of lined index cards

    1 pair of scissors

    3 thick, clear or white glue sticks

    1 small, soft pencil case or baggie

    1 small pair of earbuds 

    1 small, sturdy bag to carry supplies from class to class (optional)

    1 pack of wipes

    2 boxes of tissues


    Items for STEM classes


    Baby wipes

    Dry erase markers

    Dry erase eraser

    Paper towel / Toilet paper empty tubes


    Shoe Boxes

    Cleaned 2 liter soda bottles

    Cleaned Milk/Orange Juice/Half and Half Containers (Waxed cardboard not plastic)


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  • 2021-2022 NJDOE HIB Grades (Learn More) 

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  • Parent Pick Up Procedures:  

    Elementary School parent pick up begins at 3:35pm.  We are asking that parents do not arrive prior to 3:30pm.  Parents/Guardians should bring their identification and kidaccount card with them.  

    If you have children at the Elementary School and Primary School and would like to pick up all of your children at the Primary School then please contact the Office to let us know. 


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