• Preschool Lottery Information 2021-2022 
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    Approximately $27,500,000 in NJ State Aid is being removed from our Cape May County Schools.
    (Click Here) to see what that means for Upper Township.
    (Click Here) to sign on online petition that supports ALL Cape May County Schools.
    (Click Here) to access a sample letter to be sent to our Governor on behalf of our students.
    (Click Here) to access a sample letter to be sent to our Local Legislators on behalf of our students.

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    (Click Here) to access the PS Parent Letter.
    (Click Here) to access MAPS of the new traffic flows.

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    (Click Here) to access the most recent update.

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  • UTSD Return to Learn Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year: Updated (2/1/21)
    (Click Here) to access the NJDOE approved plan.

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  • Spring Break for Students 2021 (Travel information)
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  • Virtual Preschool Parent Presentation
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  • UTSD Band & Choir Spring Fundraiser 
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  • Kindergarten Registration 2021-2022
    (Click Here) Registration, in-person and online, will be open from March 15, 2021 to March 26, 2021.  For more information please contact Nicole Schneider at or
    609-628-3500 ext. 2221.  

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  • Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Staff Members of the Year:

    Primary School - Michelle Inserra
    Elementary School - Amy Schiavone
    Middle School - Amanda Pannone

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  • Additional KIDaccount Cards Now Available
    (Click Here) to complete the form for additional cards for EACH student in need.

    This form should ONLY be completed to obtain additional cards for emergency contacts or to replace a lost card. The cost for each new card is $5.00.

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  • UTSD Meal Information
    Eagles: (Click Here)
    Ospreys: (Click Here)

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  • COVID-19 Testing
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    to access information on testing.

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  • COVID-19 Information
    (Click Here) to access the latest data from the CDC.
    (Click Here) to access COVID-19 Tuition Assistance (English Version)
    (Click Here) to access COVID-19 Tuition Assistance (Spanish Version)

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  • Attendance Policy During COVID-19
    (Click Here) to access.

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  • 2020-2021 COVID-19 Pandemic Instructional Models
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    to access Middle School formats.
    (Click Here) to access Elementary School formats.
    (Click Here) to access Primary School formats.

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    Effective 9/4/20, Gaiters are NO LONGER ALLOWED to be worn as approved face coverings. ALL masks must cover both the nose and mouth and be properly secured and sized to the individual person.

    (Click Here) to access great information and videos on the importance of face coverings.

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  • Rutgers Reading Program
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  • Procedures for Device and Supplies Pick-up (NOW 9/9/20)

    We are switching pick-up day from the 8th to the 9th to also distribute family ID cards for the new parent pick-up procedures that will now be delivered in time for the start of school...😀.

    Eagles and Ospreys are able to come on the 9th to pick up their devices, supplies and ID cards.

    Phillies who plan to be parent pick-up should come on the 9th to retrieve just the ID cards (Phillies who ride the bus will get the cards in school on Thursday).

    ALL Phillies will get their devices, necessary supplies and remaining ID cards in school on Thursday.

    Remember, ALL students will be issued a District-owned device to be used while in school and will be permitted to carry back and forth from home to school.  Students will ONLY be able to use their personal devices at home.

    Ospreys are permitted to use their home devices throughout the pandemic; however, District-owned devices are available for any all-virtual student.

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  • 2018-2019 NJDOE HIB Grades
    (Click Here) to access the results.

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  • Revised District Calendar 2020-2021
    (Click Here) to view the 2020-2021 District Calendar

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  • Free Comcast Internet Service
    (Click Here) to apply for free internet service during the COVID-19 outbreak.
    (Click Here) if you are looking to purchase a laptop for home use.

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  • 2019-2020 Budget Public Hearing Presentation
    (Click Here) to access information.

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  • Sign Up for the UTSD and Genesis Parent Portal Apps
    1. Go to the App Store
    2. Download/Open the Upper Township School District App
    3. Select "Allow"
    4. Select "Find by my location," then "Allow"
    5. Select the pages to link, then select "Next"
    6. Select "Finish," then select the Genesis Parent Login icon
    7. Login with your Genesis information
    8. Enjoy real-time access to pertinent information...:)

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