• An Unexcused Absence that counts towards truancy is a student’s absence from school for a full or a portion of a day for any reason that is not an “excused absence that does not count towards truancy” as defined below:

    • An Excused Absence per the state of New Jersey is a student’s absence from school for a full day or a portion of a day for the observance of a religious holiday pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:36-14 through 16, Take Your Child to Work Day, Veteran’s Day or any other absence determined to be excused by the New Jersey Department of Education.

    • An Unexcused Absence per the Upper Township School District that does not count towards truancy (however, is still considered an official absence by the state of New Jersey) occurs under the following conditions:

    1) Student/Family illness; supported by written documentation from a medical professional.

    2) Student’s required attendance in court; supported by written documentation.

    3) Where appropriate, when consistent with IEPs, 504s, and individual health care plans.

    4) Necessary, unavoidable medical or dental appointments that cannot be scheduled at a time other than the school day; supported by written documentation.

    Note about vacations: The regular school calendar provides more than ample opportunities for families to plan vacations at times when school is not in session. Vacation days are unexcused and will count as days absent toward truancy. Written notice of such must be given to the main office at least one week prior to the planned absences.