• What is strategic planning?

    Strategic Planning is the process by which an organization develops a new vision and plan, including setting goals and creating an action plan to achieve those goals. It does so by examining its current status and determining where it would like to be in the near and distant future. Through this process, we will create a 5-year plan complete with goals we hope to achieve through a specific set of action steps. 

    Strategic planning answers the three big questions:
    • Where are we today?
    • Where do we want to be in the future?
    • What should we be focused on today, in order to make it more likely we will be where we want to be in the future?
    How will we complete the strategic planning process in Upper Township?
    We will have a series of three meetings during which our school board members, administrators, staff, students and community members will work together to identify strengths and weaknesses, to determine where we currently are as a district, to determine where we would like to be in five years and beyond, and create a plan that will help us get there. 
    Why should I participate?
    Our school district is a reflection of our community and the goals and expectations we have for our students. It is important for us to have input not just from the people who work in and attend our schools, but from our parents and community members, as well. A variety of participants will help us determine what our needs are and what resources are available to help us achieve our goals. We all know it takes a village to raise a child, and schools are an essential piece of a child's development. Having a cross section of members of our "village" will help us develop a comprehensive and sustainable strategic plan. 
    What is involved in the strategic planning process? How much of my time will I have to give?
    All we ask is for you to attend a series of three meetings. Our meetings are scheduled for January 24, February 21 and March 20. All meetings will be held in the Upper Township Middle School library and will begin at 6:30pm and end at approximately 8:00pm. At the conclusion of the three meetings, we will have a comprehensive strategic plan that will lead our district through the next five years. 

    First Meeting: Wednesday, January 24,  - “Determination” Strengths, Accomplishments, and Challenges 

    Second Meeting: Wednesday, February 21 – “Dare to Dream” Vision and Expectations for the Future 

    Third Meeting : Wednesday, March 20 -“Destiny by Design” Goal Statements and Related Objectives 



    I would like to participate, how do I sign up?


    We would love it for anyone who wants to participate to sign up using the google form linked below. However, we will also welcome walk-in participants if people become available on short notice. We look forward to partnering with you!


    Strategic Planning RSVP